Franco Bonollo

Centre for Mechanics of Biological Materials - University of Padova 
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Date of birth: March 21, 1962

Franco Bonollo is full Professor of Metallurgy at the Department of Management and Engineering of Padova University. His scientific activity is focussed on light alloys and composites, foundry processes and their simulation, innovative welding techniques. He is author of about 200 scientific and technical papers. He is also co-Author of the books "Pressocolata delle leghe di alluminio: simulazione numerica del processo", "Numerical Simulation of Foundry Processes", "Alluminio: manuale degli Impieghi", "Handbook of Defects in High Pressure Diecastings". He is editor of the books "Aluminium alloy castings: the EU StaCast guide to defects classification, mechanical potential and design issues" and "The MUSIC guide to key-parameters in High Pressure Die Casting". He won for two times (2000 and 2004) the "Dacco' Prize", which is yearly assigned for the best Italian paper on foundry topics.

He is President of the Bachelor Course in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at Padova University.

He has been Scientific Coordinator of the EC Leonardo Pilot Projects COPROFOUND (on Numerical simulation of Foundry Processes) and METRO (set up of metallurgy courses with e-learning methodologies). He has been leader of the WP "Quality Mapping" inside the EU Project IDEAL (2002-2005, on the optimisation of cast Aluminium automotive components. He has been Scientific Manager of the EC IP NADIA (New automotive components Designed for and manufactured by Intelligent processing of light Alloys, 2006-2010).

He has been Coordinator of the EU Project StaCast (7th FP, 2012-2014, on new Standards for Aluminium alloys) and is Scientific Manager of the EU Project MUSIC (7th PQ, 2012-2016, on process control of High Pressure Die Casting).

He is Responsible, for Padova University, of the participation to the European iniziative KIC (Knowledge Innovation Community) on Raw Materials.

He is also responsible of various research projects, carried out in cooperation with Italian and European industrial Companies.

He is Responsible, for Padova University, of the Erasmus Agreements with the Unversities of Trondheim, Joenkoeping, Aalen, Cambridge, Aachen, Aalto.



[max 10 publications
in the last 3 years]

R. Casati, F. Bonollo, D. Dellasega, A.Fabrizi, G. Timelli, A. Tuissi, M. Vedani, Ex situ Al-Al2O3 ultrafine grained nanocomposites produced via powder metallurgy, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2015, 615(S1):S386-S388.

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G. Timelli, F. Bonollo, Influence of tin and bismuth on machinability of lead free 6000 series aluminium alloys, Materials Science and Technology, 2011, 27:291-299, Maney Publishing.



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