Chiara Giulia Fontanella

Centre for Mechanics of Biological Materials - University of Padova 
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Date of birth: June 28, 1984

Chiara Giulia Fontanella received her PhD in Industrial Engineering at the University of Padova, Department of Industrial Engineering in 2012. She is currently Post-Doc research fellow in the Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, University of Padova (Italy). Research activity pertains to the analysis of the micro-structural configuration and mechanical behavior of biological materials and structures, particularly to constitutive models and numerical analysis of the biological tissues.



[max 10 publications]

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A.N. Natali, C.G. Fontanella, E.L. Carniel, J. Miller-Young (2011) Biomechanical behavior of heel pad tissues: experimental testing, constitutive formulation and numerical modelling. Proc Inst Mech Eng H. 225: 449-459.





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