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Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine - George Mason University
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Date of birth: April, 19, 1977

Alessandra Luchini is a Research Assistant Professor in the Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine (CAPMM), George Mason University, VA. She obtained the degree in Chemical Engineering in 2001 from the University of Padova.She got the PhD in Bioengineering with the final thesis on "Transcriptional analysis of osteoblast-biomaterial interaction" in 2005 from the University of Padova. She collaborated from Oct 2005 to Oct 2007 in George Mason University (VA) as Research fellow in Lance Liotta's laboratory at the Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine (CAPMM). Her interests are: in the field of bioinformatics, gene expression data analysis, interaction between biomaterials and biological tissuea; soft nanoparticles: in particular to exploit potential of hydrogel particles as a means of direct in solution separation and concentration of analytes, with particular focus on body fluids for cancer related biomarker discovery; biomolecular electronics: by means of molecular electronics test bed structure and techniques to study the charge transport phenomena in proteins at dry state for future application in biomedical research and clinical settings; statistical analysis of high throughput biological data: to develop and apply statistical procedures tailored onto quantitative outputs of rapidly evolving biological technologies.

Educational activity
Teaching activity is carried out in the bioinformatics' area.

April 2007                 AACR-OSI Pharmaceuticals Scholar-in-Training Award
June 2003                 StartCup Award 2003: HVP-bone promoter
March 2002               StartCup Award 2002: Development of an industrial process to obtain reptiles’ artificial skin on synthetic support

Biomarker Entrapment Using Thermo-modulatory Core Shell Microgels Containing a Biomarker Bait Moiety.




[max 10 publications
in the last 3 years]

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