Enrico Savio

Centre for Mechanics of Biological Materials - University of Padova 
tel +39 049 8276814 - e-mail: enrico.savio@unipd.it

personal page: www.dii.unipd.it/enrico.savio


Enrico Savio is Professor of Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Padova. After graduating in 1996 he was Research Assistant (1996-2001) and Assistant Professor at the University of Padova (2001-2004). In 2003 he was awarded of the F.W. Taylor Medal from CIRP (International Academy for Production Engineering). He is responsible of the Laboratory of Geometrical and Industrial Metrology at the Department of Industrial Engineering and President of the Bachelor and Master Degree Courses in Mechanical Engineering, since 2013.

Educational activity
Lecture course on Fundamentals of Manufacturing Engineering, Quality and Metrology in Manufacturing, Computer-assisted manufacturing for Mechanical Engineering students, since 2002.

Main Research Topics
Research activity is in the area of Precision Engineering, with focus on Manufacturing Metrology. Research topics include advanced coordinate metrology, calibration and verification procedures for coordinate measuring systems, metrology of freeform surfaces and complex parts, nanometrology of surfaces and microparts, economics of measurements in industry.

Membership and Appointment
. Fellow of CIRP (International Academy for Production Engineering), since 2004, in which he serves as Chairman of the Scientific Technical Committee "Surfaces". . Vice-president of EUSPEN (European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology), Member since 1999 and Member of the Board of Directors since 2013. . Member of CMM Club Italia (Italian Association related to Coordinate Metrology) since 1998 and former member of the Steering Committee (2004-13). . Member of AITeM (Associazione Italiana di Tecnologia Meccanica) since 1997. . Founding member of CMTrain (Training for Coordinate Metrology e.V.), 2005; vice-president since 2008. . Associate Editor of Precision Engineering, Journal of the International Societies for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology, since 2015. . Member of the Scientific Committees of several International Conferences, latest: 18th euspen Int. Conference and Exhibition, 4-8 June 2018, Venice, Italy (Chairman and local host); 17th Int.Conference on Precision Engineering (ICPE2018), Japan Society for Precision Engineering, 12-16 November 2018, Kamakura, Japan.


[max 10 publications
in the last 3 years]

Schöch A., Salvadori A., Carmignato S., Savio E. (2016). Enhancing multisensor data fusion on light sectioning coordinate measuring systems for the in-process inspection of freeform shaped parts. PRECISION ENGINEERING, vol. 45, p. 209-215, ISSN: 0141-6359, doi: 10.1016/j.precisioneng.2016.02.014.

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Schöch, A., Bach, C., Ziolek, C., Savio, E. (in stampa). A generalized approach to determine the optimal manufacturing target for arbitrary loss functions and process models. THE INT. J. OF ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY, p. 1-7, ISSN: 1433-3015, doi: 10.1007/s00170-018-2223-3

Zanini F., Carmignato S., Savio E., Affatato S. (2018). Uncertainty determination for X-ray computed tomography wear assessment of polyethylene hip joint prostheses. PRECISION ENGINEERING, vol. 52, p. 477-483, ISSN: 0141-6359, doi: 10.1016/j.precisioneng.2018.02.009





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